At the beginning of the Thirties the tradition of willow weaving was very widespread in the Enza Valley and it was skilfully executed by local women in order to make baskets of different shapes and sizes. Castagnetti & Co. was born in this context and working with passion and competence was able to set up a sales network and a distribution system of the Enza Valley basket in the most important department stores of Europe and North America.
Architects from all over Europe brought their ideas in order to create quality products, distributing them with a sole brand in the best shops.
The experience acquired in that period allowed Castagnetti’s firm to widen their knowledge concerning design and the quality of their products.
At the end of the Seventies the firm had attained such a level that they could be considered a leader in wicker weaving.

Reproductions of items of the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth century or new ones, according to the tendencies of the time, represented the main features of the production and they could be admired in the loveliest houses of Italy.

They started widening their range of products that till that moment consisted of seats and thinking about the utilization of wicker even for other furnishing complements. Wardrobes, sideboards and cabinets were added to the production and gave an alternative to traditional furniture.

Frequent trips to the East opened the door to new markets and new products at the end of the Eighties.
Wood and everything in a colonial style have become one of the main line of business of Castagnetti & Co. till the creation of the line “Ethnic World” that was planned to import the flavour of furnishing with items characterized by an antique flavour, pregnant with history and made of excellent wood by the best craftsmen of the time.
Even reproductions are the results of studies and researches made on the spot, trying to keep a colonial flavour, using the same materials and techniques of long ago .
In spite of these big changes, Italian production has not remained unchanged. Combining different materials with wicker, we have created modern items that are approaching more and more Italian furnishing culture to a universal furnishing of living the house